Kaiser Family Foundation underwrites new “Tulsa Innovation Labs” initiative with $50 million commitment

This news out of Tulsa, OK might sound somewhat familiar, at least in terms of the goal and the assessment. With significant financial support ($50 million) from The George Kaiser Family Foundation, there’s a new technology-led economic and workforce development effort underway to support the region becoming an emerging tech

Rev1 Ventures releases its annual report

File this article under the category of benchmarking other states or regions. Rev1 Ventures has just released its annual report on start-ups in Central Ohio, and the numbers are impressive. “Our clients collectively generated $566MM in impact to our region through revenue generated, capital attracted, and successful exits,” the report’s

NFX releases “The Second Time Founders Manual”

NFX, the San Francisco-based early stage venture capital firm, has released “The Second Time Founders Manual,” a collection of essays and resources for Founders starting their second, third, or subsequent company. The collection includes five key advantages, but 14 common disadvantages, such as: Underestimating the Role of Luck: Thinking you were