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Shockwave Motors selected for pilot TV series

John McMillian reports that Shockwave Motors has been selected for the pilot episode of “Business Unusual,” a reality show from A-Ray Video Production Services. According the a recent call for entrepreneurs to apply, A-Ray Video described the TV series as one that “challenges participants to generate disruptive ventures and initiatives

Shockwave Motors works with its battery supplier to double single charge range of its roadster

John McMillan of Shockwave Motors sent an email recently providing an important update on the company and its Defiant EV3 All-Electric Roadster™. “Working with our battery supplier, we have reengineered the Roadster’s integrated battery space to allow for a significantly larger battery. The new, optional, battery pack has sufficient power to

Shockwave Motors captures top prize in Cleantech Open Southeast Regional competition

We reported in August that Shockwave Motors had been accepted into the International Cleantech Open Accelerator Program. Now, Founder John McMillan reports that the developer of the Defiant EV3 Roadster won the Southeast Regional competition and is a finalist for the international event in January in California. “The accelerator program is

Shockwave Motors cited as one of the “TiE20” elite start-ups

Shockwave Motors and 19 companies earned designation as a “TiE 20,” an elite group of early stage start-ups selected from among hundreds of nominees at the annual TiECon Detroit 2017. The event, held in November, is Michigan’s largest entrepreneurial conference, attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professionals, according