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May 07, 2020 | Tom Ballard

The Biz Foundry reopening its three co-working sites on Monday with strict rules in place

The Biz Foundry announced this week that it “is inviting back our co-working community” starting this coming Monday. The three locations – Cookeville, McMinnville and Sparta – are also accepting new memberships with a few private offices available in Cookeville and McMinnville for as little as $279 a month.

As it reopens, The Biz Foundry has adopted some new rules as a result of COVID-19. Here they are:

  • All members will be required to wear cloth masks according to CDC recommendations. ​
  • All members will need to check their temperature daily and to answer the CDC recommended health questions. ​
  • All members will need to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the building. Soap and hand sanitizer will be readily available in our spaces. ​
  • Please, wipe down workstations and communal areas after use. This includes kitchen surfaces, printer buttons, and any other surfaces others may touch. Lysol wipes will be provided to our members.
  • All members must reserve their workstation before arriving at one of our buildings. Workstations are placed at least 6 feet apart for health reasons, so seating is limited. ​
  • Only workspaces marked for use can be used. If a space does not have a sign, please, do not use it as a work area. Spaces are designated to ensure a safe working distance between our members. ​
  • No meetings or events can be held in the space.​ Conference rooms and meeting areas will be converted into temporary workspaces.  ​
  • No visitors are permitted in our spaces at this time. This includes family, friends, and clients. ​
  • Please, do not visit with other members in their coworking spaces. If you wish to speak with another member, do so via digital means or by keeping at least 6 feet away.