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Modern Day Stay at Home Mom Kimberly ONeal
April 21, 2024 | Katelyn Keenehan

Start-up supporting stay-at-home-moms launches with big following

Since the launch a few weeks ago, "Modern Day Stay at Home Mom" already has about 2,500 mothers within the Modern Day SAHM network looking for virtual, part-time positions.

It’s been a little more than a month since we first featured Modern Day Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), and the Founder behind the concept, Kimberly O’Neal (see article here).

At the time, she was a brand-new mom of two, having just given birth to her second baby boy, Gavin. However, despite caring full-time for an infant and a three-year-old, she is also working full-time to get her start-up off the ground. So far, she’s seen some encouraging success.

The Modern-Day SAHM website launched on April 4 with a subscription-based model at just $5.99 per month, per mom. That monthly price also includes resume support and review, as well as access to career growth and personal development opportunities, such as guest speakers, workshops, and materials.

O’Neal has opened the site up to businesses to add their job postings for the first six months at no cost.

“I need to prove to businesses that this platform is effective and something worth them investing in,” she said.

So far, she has had about 2,500 mothers within the Modern Day SAHM network looking for virtual, part-time positions. On the business side, she’s had a handful of companies list remote, part-time work. But she needs more.

“We have several industries represented on the platform. Everything from scheduling and admin work to finance positions, remote insurance jobs, and more,” she said.

O’Neal wants to offer these moms a variety. Each mother is looking for something different. Some want full-time remote work, some are looking for 1099 positions, and others are content working a couple of hours a week on a specific project.

“They just need a few hours to feel productive, like they have contributed to the community in a way,” she said. “Plus, gaps in a resume are frowned upon by employers. Using Modern Day SAHM creates an opportunity for these moms to keep their skills fresh and remain employable.”

In addition, O’Neal said employment helps mothers who may suffer from post-partum. Having something to accomplish outside of caring for a young child can be motivating and fulfilling, she said.

O’Neal believes there is a lot of space for companies to be innovative about how they employ these mothers. For example, she said many assistant positions can be part-time and virtual, the same with administration, social media, data entry, tutoring, and much more.

Furthermore, she said there is a large group of mothers in her network who are registered nurses (RNs). They want to remain involved in the healthcare realm in some type of way but have to remain remote for childcare purposes.

“There is a whole unutilized workforce and that is stay-at-home moms,” she said. “And – these moms are excited and eager to become employed.”

Follow Modern Day SAHM on Facebook and LinkedIn, and visit the website to learn more.

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