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Modern Day Stay at Home Mom Kimberly ONeal
Weekend edition March 01, 2024 | Katelyn Keenehan

“Modern Day” will engage more stay-at-home moms with the workforce

Modern Day Stay at Home Mom is currently operating through a Facebook group; however, Founder, Kimberly O'Neal plans to launch a website in a few months.

The world is pushing toward a more remote business economy. More and more companies are engaging with a hybrid or fully remote work week, and some tasks that used to be done exclusively in-office can now be accomplished from home, thanks to technology.

Yet, problems persist in the Knoxville area. There are not enough skilled workers to fill all the open roles. has covered the topic of the workforce shortage extensively (see a recent article here).

“Modern Day Stay-at-Home Mom” has the solution

Kimberly O’Neal seems to have a solution to the problem. She is a stay-at-home mom in Halls and sees massive potential in the stay-at-home mom market. She has experienced the desire firsthand to continue working in some capacity while also being able to watch after her two young children. O’Neal isn’t alone in that desire.

“I needed something that was an outlet. I needed something to do with my day,” O’Neal said. “Being a stay-at-home mom is not easy by any means. But, bringing in a little extra money helped with my confidence, made me feel good, and gave me added purpose.”

While being a stay-at-home mom may not bode well for working a full-time remote job, many stay-at-home moms can help with part-time remote work. O’Neal said many stay-at-home moms worked full-time before they had children, meaning they still have the skills.

She had the idea to help other moms get connected to remote opportunities and reached out to the Halls community to see if there was any interest. O’Neal didn’t expect the overwhelming community support.

In response, O’Neal launched a company called “Modern Day Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)” to help get those skilled moms back into the workforce. She currently runs a Facebook group (which has significantly grown in popularity), and her husband is working with software developers to launch an official website.

“Fast forward, I’ve got 2200 moms from across the country in places like Tennessee, Texas, and even California. My group on Facebook blew up, and I’ve even been interviewed by WBIR and WVLT,” she said.

Convincing companies

Now, her next challenge is to identify more companies that are willing to participate and hire stay-at-home moms.

These positions could range from marketing, writing, administrative, scheduling, assistant work, data entry, and more. It would help moms bring in extra spending money each month, keep their skills sharp, and have something to do outside of being a full-time mom.

“What makes us different from LinkedIn or Zip Recruiter is the fact that companies know they’re getting a stay-at-home mom,” O’Neal said. “These also aren’t full-time positions, so the companies have more benefit knowing they’re not having to pay a full-time employee, they’re not having to provide benefits, and things like that.”

O’Neal said she is still working through the pay structure part of her business plan. As of right now, Modern Day SAHM would charge the companies a small fee to post their job listing. The mothers will be able to access the site and apply for jobs through the portal for free.

“Honestly, I’m not out here to make money with it. I just want to help these moms… that’s my top priority. We just need some kind of income to keep the site up and running. Our goal is to give back to the stay-at-home mom community,” O’Neal said.

Her long-term goal is to help this platform become a nationwide resource for stay-at-home moms.

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