Another big tech win on horizon for Music City

When you’re hot, you have only three directions to go – get hotter, stay as warm as you have been, or start cooling-off. It looks like Music City is still on its upward trajectory. According to this report in the Tennessee Lookout, a fairly new addition to the state’s online media

DOE funds joint ORNL-Youngstown State “Energy Storage Workforce Innovation Center”

In the clearest sign that the federal government moves on even on Inauguration Day, the U.S. Department of Energy announced yesterday announced that it is partnering with Youngstown State University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to advance workforce development for the battery manufacturing industry. The one million dollar project will

Techstars names new Chief Executive Officer

Techstars, the worldwide network helping entrepreneurs succeed and the organization that just released its assessment of the Knoxville region’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, has a new Chief Executive Officer. Maëlle Gavet, a former Principal at the Boston Consulting Group and later Executive Vice President of Operations of the Priceline Group,

Tilke Engineers & Architects under contract to help develop the proposed Oak Ridge Motorsports Park

Tilke Engineers & Architects, recognized as one of the most experienced companies when it comes to planning and construction management within the automotive industry and motorsports sector, is under contract to help develop the proposed Oak Ridge Motorsports Park. Rusty Bittle, Founding Partner of the group developing the project, engaged

Major research universities launch “University Technology Licensing Program”

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division announced last week that it had completed its review of a proposed joint patent licensing pool known as the “University Technology Licensing Program” (UTLP). Under the initiative, 15 participating universities will be able to cooperate in licensing certain complementary patents through UTLP which