ORNL, FedTech schedule “Deep-Tech Showcase” as Cohort 3 graduates from IC program

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) “Innovation Crossroads” (IC) program and FedTech, one of its program partners, have announced a virtual “Deep-Tech Showcase” from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT on June 3.

During the event, the spotlight will be on the seven participants in IC Cohort 3 as they complete the two-year fellowship. Each participant will explain the current status of her or his technology and company, detail the progress that has been made, and describe future plans. The Cohort 3 companies are:

  • American Nanotechnologies Inc. that is developing material processing technology for purification of high-value nanomaterials;
  • Electro-Active Technologies Inc. that is developing a modular system for converting food waste and electricity into low-cost, green hydrogen;
  • Endeavor Composites Inc. that is designing and implementing an innovative mixer system for the hydroentanglement process that offers several advantages over the current fiber dispersion techniques;
  • Grid Fruit which uses artificial intelligence and data to keep food fresh while reducing the energy needed for commercial refrigeration;
  • MantaPoole Technologies that is developing a roll-to-roll, manufactured, active multispectral light field micro-optics architecture for applications including autonomous surgery, industrial manufacturing, robotic farming, and real time robot vision;
  • Neptune Fluid Flow Systems that is developing an advanced thin film cryogenic sample preparation device designed to substantially improve sample preparation for the transmission electron microscopy community and
  • Purist Inc. that is focused on developing a technology to be implemented in existing nuclear reactors to produce medical-grade radioactive ingredients. These radioactive ingredients are time-sensitive materials used daily to treat and diagnose life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

In addition, Dan Miller, IC Program Director, will engage in a discussion with two graduates from Cohort 2 who have made good progress. They are Megan O’Connor with Nth Cycle and Matt Smith with TCPoly. Finally, there will be a panel featuring representatives from ORNL, TVA and the Clean Energy Venture Group who will discuss the future of energy, sustainability commercialization, and growing the hard-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To register for the free event, click here.

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