We have an abnormal number of stories today

teknovation-teknoMost of our readers probably did not realize that we have been out of the country since midday September 23, because teknovation.biz published on its normal schedule. Special thanks to Rachel Hanson with The Lamp Post Group for her help in securing the profiles of the Dynamo accelerator teams that we featured over seven of those publishing days.

Between September 24 and October 8, my wife and I, along with our best friends, visited four cities in Spain (Barcleona, Mallorca, and Malaga in addition to two stops in Madrid) plus Lisbon, Portugal. Internet access was limited at times, but we also tried to enjoy the time off which made it challenging to also keep up with timely articles that we received. We did post the story about Grow Bioplastics on Friday.

As a result, we have a backlog of articles, most from last week, that we’re posting today.

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