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February 28, 2023 | Tom Ballard

EPB’s Quantum Network announces a new strategic partner

AliroNet will provide the user interface for customers that will enable end-users to define, validate, schedule, run, and control services on the network. All user data and telemetry will be securely gathered and stored to safeguard intellectual property.

Aliro Quantum, The Quantum Networking CompanyTM, announced yesterday that its AliroNetTM solution has been selected to provide the quantum network controller for the recently announced EPB Quantum NetworkSM powered by Qubitekk.

The new network was announced with great fanfare on November 30 (see article here). It is America’s first industry-led, commercially available quantum network designed for private companies as well as government and university researchers to run quantum equipment and applications in an established fiber optic environment.

As highlighted during the November press conference and expanded on in this news release, quantum technologies represent a new frontier to exponentially advance cybersecurity, sensing, and next-generation computing. This, in turn, holds the promise of revolutionary benefits in protecting people from cyber threats, launching a next-generation internet, and developing new advancements in healthcare, finance, and other industries.

According to yesterday’s announcement, AliroNetTM will provide the user interface to EPB Quantum NetworkTM customers enabling end-users to define, validate, schedule, run and control EPB Quantum NetworkSM services. All user data and telemetry will be securely gathered and stored to safeguard intellectual property.

“EPB Quantum Network will support the commercialization of quantum industry innovations and position Chattanooga for new economic, employment, and technological developments,” said David Wade, EPB President and Chief Executive Officer. “AliroNetTM will provide an essential component of the network by enabling the seamless and reliable configuration, management, and control to advance the acceleration of commercial quantum technologies.”

AliroNet™ will also provide the network operator’s interface, which will allow EPB operators to manage and monitor the physical quantum network infrastructure. EPB operators will be able to define and manage quantum services offered to EPB Quantum Network customers and end-users.

On the backend, AliroNetTM will be responsible for managing and scheduling access to the pooled quantum hardware resources, routing traffic across the quantum network, and executing the end-user service workflows.

EPB’s Quantum NetworkSM is described as a quantum-as-a-service offering that will provide quantum technologists with fiber optic infrastructure that integrates the latest foundational quantum equipment and software to accelerate their process for bringing quantum technologies and applications to market.

The full press release can be found here (Aliro Press Release_Quantum_FINAL).


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