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Andreessen Horowitz’s Kupor upbeat about tech start-up outlook

Scott Kupor, Managing Partner of well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and a fireside chatter at the 2016 “36|86 Conference” in Nashville, is upbeat about the technology start-up market for 2017. Read his thoughts here.  Speaking of venture capital, look for our annual angel and venture capital outlook series that starts

Accelerator participants nationally cite mentor deficiencies

This might be a surprising statistic. In a recent survey of participants in a start-up accelerators, 30 percent of the respondents cited drawbacks in the mentorship component of their program. Any entrepreneur will tell you that having a good mentor is critically important part of the puzzle. There are some suggested solutions. Read more

Stony Creek’s Sarah Bellos selected for “Young Entrepreneur Award”

One of this year’s “The TENN” finalists has been selected to receive a special award. Sarah Bellos, the Founder and President of Stony Creek Colors, is this year’s recipient of the “Young Entrepreneur Award” presented by the Association of Textile, Apparel & Materials Professionals. The award will be presented next week, and