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September 07, 2022 | Tom Ballard

“Anything transactional” is the sweet spot for SimpleLife

By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA

“Anything transactional that people need to get done . . . we do,” says Jame Houghton, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SimpleLife.

It’s a Farragut-based enterprise that opened a small office location at the beginning of the year, although most of the employees work remotely. The fun-loving Houghton somewhat facetiously explained that “it’s a great place to play ping pong,” but he was really emphasizing the importance of team interactions on a regular basis as the start-up grows.

“Long-term, we’re going to need a really big space,” he says of the enterprise that we spotlighted in this October 2020 article. The Farragut native has big plans to address a key pain point for many professionals and their clients: facilitating the secure, efficient storage and sharing of records. Those documents can be medical, legal, or something else.

“There are too many archaic ways of doing business, and we need to make it simple,” Houghton says in emphasizing not only the mission of SimpleLife but the creative selection of its name.

“We’re raising a seed capital round now,” Houghton adds, explaining that the goal is to quadruple its business revenue by the end of 2022.

As mentioned in that nearly two-year old article, SimpleLife is focused on making the fax machine obsolete. He explained it this way in an article in the Farragut Press: “No company wants to use faxing as their preferred method, so we help companies by completely eliminating the need and use of a fax machine, and at the same time, we increase efficiency and profitability for our customers.”

Anyone who has dealt with the medical records transfer process can appreciate SimpleLife’s focus on that sector. “Portals don’t talk to each other,” Houghton says. “We’re the conduit to do so.”

The start-up provides a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant platform that makes work and life simple for patients, practices, law firms, and insurance companies. “With customized automation, we eliminate the need for emails, calls, faxes, and other archaic communication methods used today,” the company states on its webpage.

While Houghton notes that there are “tons of opportunities in the healthcare space,” that’s not the only sector that SimpleLife serves. He mentions payroll companies, financial institutions, mortgage firms, real estate agents, and even individual buyers and sellers.

As Houghton and his team have onboarded new clients, he says an early set of questions centers around what pain point do you have and what solution do you need. “That discovery piece has been fun,” he adds.

The start-up’s CEO says he, Adam Chan (Chief Technology Officer), and Sam Houghton (Vice President of Marketing) would like everyone to enjoy a simple life. Individuals can create free, no-hassle QR codes for Wi-Fi login, vCard, or more via

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