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May 02, 2023 | Tom Ballard

AI strikes the music industry

Radio stations in Switzerland and Ohio are experimenting with artificial intelligence in place of live DJs.

Are you sure that disc jockey you are listening to is real? Maybe, then again, maybe not! Add that profession to the growing list of those impacted by the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to this recent Associated Press article posted on the WRAL TechWire site, a public radio station in Switzerland and a media group in Ohio are experimenting with AI.

  • The Swiss-based, French-language station is Couleur 3 (Color 3) which has touted its one-day experiment using cloned voices of five real, human presenters — in what managers claim is a world first — and never-aired-before music composed almost entirely by computers, not people. Station managers say it took three months to train the AI to understand the needs of the station and adopt its quirky, offbeat vibe.
  • Some have gone even further, like Seven Hills, OH-based media company Futuri. It has rolled out RadioGPT which relies on AI.

How was the experiment in Switzerland received? Antoine Multone, the Station Manager, said, “The main feedback we get, in 90 percent of the messages, is: ‘It’s cool, but there’s a human element missing. You can sense these are robots, and there are fewer surprises, less personality.’”

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