Collaboration across the state makes a difference in Ohio

I usually read Axios for political news, but the DC-based electronic media publication also covers business. In this recent post, Axios spotlights  Ohio and a strategy to boost venture capital that is probably familiar to many of our readers. What’s different? “In Ohio, venture capital investors in three cities are taking a different

TAEBC spotlights a range of energy-related opportunities at its annual forum

The latest edition of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council’s (TAEBC) annual “Opportunities in Energy” forum covered a range of topics over the course of about three and one-half hours. Held last Thursday afternoon in Knoxville, the Verizon-sponsored event featured presentations on “5G and the Future of Energy,” “Supercomputing Partnerships,”

Friday events in Alcoa, Knoxville celebrate workforce development grant wins for the region

Workforce development efforts in the greater Knoxville region received a big boost Friday. Governor Bill Lee was in Knox and Blount Counties on Friday to celebrate recipients of three of the  awards under the “Governor’s Investment in Vocational Education” (GIVE) program that prioritizes learning opportunities in rural counties and enhances