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“March-in” rights provision of Bayh-Dole Act becoming an issue in drug price control debate

A new study from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, “The Bayh-Dole Act’s Vital Importance to the U.S. Life-Sciences Innovation System,” is caught-up in the debate over drug price controls. Specifically, the issue is over something called “march-in rights.” According to the author of this article in IPWatchdog, some are arguing

Chattanooga Chamber honors four recipients with “2019 Small Business Awards”

The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce presented its “2019 Small Business Awards” to four recipients at a luncheon yesterday. The winners were: 1-20 Employees: HR Biz Solutions, besting finalists Blades Creative and Shah Trucking. 21-50 Employees: Office Furniture Warehouse, beating-out finalists The Bitter Alibi and The Dwell Hotel. 51-300 Employees: Hutton,