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August 10, 2023 | Tom Ballard

What was innovative at one time is now obsolete

These 10 inventions changed the world, but time and innovation do not stand still.

The headline captured our attention: “10 Revolutionary Tech Inventions That Are Obsolete In 2023.” We could not help ourselves. We had to know what they were, and we quickly learned that what was once innovative is now obsolete.

In fact, many of the inventions, like the manual typewriter and dial-up internet, are probably unknown to many of our younger readers. Others – think the fax machine or Apple iPod – might be somewhat familiar to most individuals.

“If there is one certainty in the world, technology never stands still,” writes Nathan Gibson in the article for Slash Gear. “No matter how important a new device or advancement is, it will always be usurped by a successor in the future. That’s just how technology works and it means that what was once the latest top-of-the-line tech can quickly become completely obsolete, replaced by something faster, smaller, and more efficient than people had previously thought possible.”

Gibson continues, noting, “In many cases, these now outdated and antiquated pieces of technology were revolutionary inventions that even the greatest minds of the time probably assumed would be relevant for much longer than they actually were. They helped to change the world and proved influential in human history but they are now little more than memories in the drawer.”

Take a look and see how many you recall. Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember all 10!




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