Vanderbilt University software tool for metabolic analysis passes 1,000 total academic licenses

A software tool for metabolic analysis developed by a Vanderbilt University Chemical Engineer recently passed 1,000 total academic licenses and is the most licensed software on the university’s online licensing and eCommerce platform.

Additionally, it was the third highest revenue generator on the platform, VU e-Innovations, for 2020. About 20 total commercial licenses have been sold since INCA (Isotopomer Network Compartmental Analysis) was released. In 2020, a total of 125 licenses, the bulk of them academic, were sold.

INCA was developed by Jamey Young and released in 2014 as part of the Metabolic Flux Analysis suite. Using INCA enables researchers to model data from metabolic tracer studies and quantify the flow of labeled atoms inside living cells. The information provided by INCA can help to better understand metabolic diseases or improve the productivity of cell-based bioprocesses.

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