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April 06, 2023 | Tom Ballard

UT Chattanooga, CO.LAB launch new mobility partnership

CO.LAB will launch an application process for start-ups to partner specifically with UTC's Center for Urban Informatics and Progress in its role in the sustainable mobility initiative.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) and CO.LAB have announced a new partnership to provide students and scientists with the University’s Center for Urban Informatics and Progress (CUIP) with unprecedented opportunities to apply today’s knowledge in Smart City research to find solutions to society-scale challenges.

In conjunction with next month’s “CO.MOBILITY Summit,” CO.LAB will launch an application process for local, regional, and national start-ups to partner specifically with CUIP in its role in the sustainable mobility initiative. The selection of companies will be substantially based on their potential to develop or advance solutions within CUIP’s research areas. Over a 10-week development program for leaders of businesses selected to participate, CO.LAB will provide support, expertise, and connections to resources.

“CUIP is uniquely positioned to partner with CO.LAB in the sustainable mobility sector,” said Mina Sartipi, founding Director of CUIP. “Leveraging our growing and dynamic testbeds with the support of numerous community partners, CO.LAB’s new programmatic focus will help fast-track Chattanooga’s place as the hub for mobility electrifications, connectivity, and automation.

“CUIP will provide access to the Smart Corridor and data for start-ups, faculty, and students to test and pilot advancing technologies in accordance with CUIP’s and UTC’s requirements and data user agreements. CO.LAB will also recruit start-ups that can collaborate with CUIP to address challenges of mobility.”

“We are actively recruiting startups, mentors, and industry partners who are engaged in the mobility revolution,” said Tasia Malakasis, CO.LAB’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are open to exploring potential partnerships and opportunities to collaborate.”

Malakasis said CO.LAB’s sustainable mobility program would depend on the strength of its partners, noting that — in addition to UTC and CUIP — partners include Launch Tennessee, Freightwaves, U.S. Xpress, EPB, Brickyard, Covenant, VentureSouth of Chattanooga, Chattanooga Smart City Collaborative.

Sartipi described the partnerships as multifaceted.

“It can be collaboratively working on software development, giving CUIP access to new hardware technologies and collaboratively investigating their functionality in real-world deployments, providing domain knowledge, and more,” she said.

Click here to read the news release.

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