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July 08, 2013 | Tom Ballard

TrakLok unveils next generation security device

TrakLok-teknoKnoxville-based start-up TrakLok has unveiled its next generation cargo security product that is described as “the most significant update since the inception of the company.”

In a brief interview with, TrakLok Chief Executive Officer Tom Mann said the new product – GeoLok® – fills a critical gap in the company’s product offerings and meets an important customer need.

“We did not have a device that fit on over-the-road trailers and now we do,” he explained, adding that customers in this sector have shown the “greatest interest” in TrakLok security offerings. Adapting the existing model to a trailer was driving-up the cost for potential customers.

The newest generation GeoLok® has three times the range of the existing model and is half the size.

“The requirement in the U.S. for container shipments via trucks and trailers is much larger than you might think,” Mann said.

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Here’s the full TrakLok news release.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – TrakLok Corporation unveiled its next generation GeoLok® today, the most significant update since the inception of the company.  The new product is designed to fit a broad range of Trailers and Intermodal Containers, features a lighter, easier to install platform while retaining the robust physical security, alarm system, and tracking features of their original system.

The TrakLok cargo security system combines physical security with real-time global monitoring and an on board alarm system that is making inroads with manufacturers and carriers of sensitive and high value products who require the best available security.  The GeoLok® withstands prying, cutting, or impact tools and will send alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo.  The company offers geofencing and chronofencing capability that prohibits the lock from opening if it is outside a prescribed area and time frame.

“Our product design and marketing team did a great job of developing a product that will work for a broad range of cargo security applications”, said TrakLok CEO Tom Mann.  “This product provides carriers an integrated system not available with current cargo security systems on the market.”

TrakLok Corporation specializes in security systems for the chemical, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries.  The GeoLok device provides an integrated system for trailer and container security by combining locking with monitoring, tracking and reporting.  The TrakLok cargo security system comes complete in a standalone system, or can be integrated with several fleet management systems. For more information, please go to