Survature targeting those facing important decisions


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By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, Pershing Yoakley & Associates, P.C.

“Our customers are those facing important decisions where the right choice is based on a solid understanding of what matters to people,” Survature Co-Founder Jian Huang says.

The people he references are business customers, partners, and certainly their employees. Regardless of the target audience, Huang says any organization could benefit from the innovative feedback platform the Knoxville-based start-up has developed, which captures and analyzes what matters most to respondents through a unique online survey interface.

Survature’s sales and marketing efforts have revealed that its ideal customer is typically an organization that is committed to innovation and is actively looking for new methods and strategies for improvement.

“We believe our platform offers value to any business, but we have found much more traction with those that already see the value in making data-driven decisions for improvement,” Huang says. “Our ideal customers are those that have an imperative need for improvement and a willingness to apply data driven technologies to find those improvements.”

In many enterprises, that means talking to people who lead an organization’s innovation efforts or strategic initiatives. Their interests often touch on many facets of the enterprise: human resources, marketing, corporate wellness, or even supply chain management.

Along with determining its ideal customer target, Huang says Survature has simplified its sales strategy through a subscription-based model. The company believes its customers benefit the most from a strategically organized and ongoing feedback campaign. This time-based approach allows organizations to establish benchmarks, take actions, see results, and build-up a truly engaged audience.

“Corporate users have no problem pre-paying for six to 12 months after trying our product,” Huang says. “The most we have seen is a request to pre-pay for 18 months, which speaks not only about the confidence in Survature’s platform but also how many use cases they (customers) have for using Survature”

Emboldened by recent success, Survature has ramped-up sales activities that focus on reaching key decision makers within the enterprise market and establishing the company as a valuable link in the decision-making process.

As the start-up approached 2016, Huang said, “I feel good about the team and where we are as a company.”

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