Startup Blink ranks 938 cities around the globe on their ecosystems

Startup BlinkAn organization named Startup Blink ranks the strength of start-up ecosystems in 938 cities around the globe. We were curious about the rankings, so we took a look at the October 2017 report, and here’s what we learned about communities near us:

  • Not surprising, Atlanta is the top-rated at 16. Nashville comes in at 59, Charlotte at 77, Raleigh at 94, Columbus at 97, and Durham at 99.
  • Those is the 100 to 200 range are Cincinnati (100), Birmingham (134), Louisville (141), Charleston, SC (180), and Chattanooga (184).
  • Those ranked between 200 and 300 include Memphis (238) and Asheville (293).
  • Knoxville is 317, just behind Spartanburg (308).

If you click on any city, you will probably notice what we did – the information is incomplete and dated based on our knowledge. That said, it is interesting to see how the cities rank.

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