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September 05, 2022 | Tom Ballard

Southern states don’t rank high on VC investments in women-founded start-ups

This probably comes as no surprise to women who have looked for capital for their start-ups.

Investment platform Propel(x) ranked the top 15 states with the most venture capital (VC) investments in women-founded or co-founded start-ups using data from PitchBook. States were ranked based on the total amount of VC funding that went to start-ups founded by at least one woman since 2018. Additional data points include the total number of VC deals made with start-ups founded by at least one woman, the percentage of those deals made with startups founded solely by women, and the percentage founded by both men and women.

So, what are the top 15 states? The list can be found here in countdown order with additional information about each state. If you want the rankings quickly, the state topping the list should not be a surprise – it’s California – followed by New York (#2), Massachusetts (#3), Texas (#4), and Washington (#5). Florida at #7 was the highest ranked in the traditional South followed by North Carolina (tied for #10) and neighboring Virginia (#15).

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