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December 05, 2017 | Tom Ballard

Shockwave Motors cited as one of the “TiE20” elite start-ups

Shockwave MotorsShockwave Motors and 19 companies earned designation as a “TiE 20,” an elite group of early stage start-ups selected from among hundreds of nominees at the annual TiECon Detroit 2017.

The event, held in November, is Michigan’s largest entrepreneurial conference, attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other professionals, according to John McMillan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shockwave Motors. His local start-up was the only one of the 20 companies honored that is in the transportation sector.

As described in several previous articles, Shockwave Motors is developing the Defiant EV3 roadster. McMillan says progress is being made, but not as fast as he had hoped.

“As often happens, the construction of the new roadster is taking a little longer than expected,” he advised in an email. “While we had hoped to be performance testing the new roadster by now, it looks like it will not be finished until sometime in late December.”