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October 03, 2017 | Tom Ballard

PART 2: EventBooking takes a greenfield approach to software development

EventBooking(EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second article in a two-part series that updates the evolution of Knoxville-based EventBooking.)

By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA

“We have a lot of capacity and quality,” John Platillero, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EventBooking, says about his company and the roughly two dozen people on the team.

As he and key players thought about the future, they decided to take a greenfield approach to the software development process rather “than grafting on to the old,” as Platillero described the choice. “There were too many compromises, and it had too clunky a user experience.”

What has emerged from that decision is one product that has been in the market for about a year, a second that heads to beta testing this summer, and a third that EventBooking is just now rolling-out.

All share a common technology stack, although there are obviously variations for the end users. Each is identified by the market sector it is designed to serve – promoter, artist or venue – coupled with the words “Ops” to connote the focus on operations. And, each adopts the calendaring foundation that has been a hallmark of EventBooking.

The new product that has been on the market the longest is named “PromoterOps.” Designed to help promoters manage workflow, the software helps them quickly know who’s on tour and available on specific dates. But it is much more than just a calendaring tool.

“It provides analytics . . . details about the band, its social media following, average revenue per show and more,” Platillero says. “We designed it from the mindset of the promoter.” Users can manage holds and confirmed dates, automate various tasks, and have all of the data securely stored in a central location. And, Platillero says proudly, “it is mobile friendly.”

The product that began beta testing this summer is named “ArtistOps.” Focused on people who represent artists, it is designed with the assumption that many of the users are managing multiple artists.

The third product – “VenueOps” – includes account and customer relationship management capabilities as well as the overall calendaring feature and the ability to manage the details of a specific event from contracts to work orders to finances.

“We’re also building an event planning portal that will allow the actual event client to access various details,” Platillero said.

The company’s software is even being used in several mega churches.

“We like this niche,” Platillero adds, “We’re making money and having fun. I have also discovered the value of the journey . . . making the most of any situation and never giving up.”

Speaking of journeys, a number of the EventBooking team members loaded on a recreational vehicle in mid-July for something they have designated as “The Road to VenueConnect.” They left Knoxville with more than 15 stops planned before the final one on August 5 in Nashville at the annual meeting of the International Association of Venue Managers.

“We’re in the music touring business,” Platillero says. “Why not go on tour ourselves and visit our clients?”

Why not, indeed, particularly when you are having fun, building new products, and serving a customer base that you enjoy.

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