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August 10, 2022 | Tom Ballard

Louisville-based XLerateHealth launches latest accelerator with eight start-ups

XLerateHealth, a nationally recognized healthcare accelerator headquartered in Louisville, KY, has announced the selection of eight start-up companies to participate in its 2022 Louisville flagship accelerator program. The eight include two from the Bluegrass State and two from Georgia.

  • Atalan Tech (Boston, MA) was started by Harvard, Yale and Oxford researchers and graduate students. The start-up has developed a customized clinician wellness risk management software that leverages machine learning and labor economics to predict, prevent and address clinician burnout and turnover.
  • Bainom (San Francisco, CA) is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-based platform that matches genetic data with up-to-date information from hundreds of scientific databases and thousands of scientific articles to provide actionable insights for personalized health and wellness. By providing comprehensive access to genetically informed options, Bainom guides solutions for individualized predisposition, prognosis, management, and therapy for various health conditions.
  • Biosphere Lab (Louisville, KY) is a veterinary diagnostic laboratory with a particular focus on rare and exotic animals. Biosphere provides anatomic pathology and molecular diagnostic services to veterinary clinics, zoos, aquariums, and other institutions.
  • Constance (Westport, CT) is a surgical clinical decision support platform that helps to reduce peri-operative surgical risk. The Constance state-of-the-art machine learning platform integrates patient data from electronic health records and dispenses actionable recommendations for pre-and post-operative risk stratification.
  • Ensofy (Tbilisi, Georgia) has developed VoiceAI, an AI-enabled screening and monitoring tool for major depressive disorder (MDD). VoiceAI requires 30 seconds of free-form speech to assess depression with demonstrated diagnostic accuracy rates of up to 80%, supporting clinicians and caretakers in mental health management decisions.
  • Kinometrix (Fort Belvoir, VA) is focused on hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) that harm patients and cost U.S. hospitals $98 billion annually. Kinometrix is on a mission to eliminate HACs by revolutionizing the way clinicians monitor and mitigate risk status, starting with inpatient falls. By using more rigorous, objective patient measurements, AI and electronic health data, Kinometrix develops actionable fall risk reports to allow nursing staff to provide more targeted prevention care.
  • Lealtà (Atlanta, GA) is a software-as-a-service company focused on driving patient loyalty in healthcare and hospital systems. The average patient leakage rate from employed physicians is 40-60 percent. Lealta’s patient membership platform is based on a neurobehavioral framework that drives patient loyalty and healthy choices for better care and financial outcomes.
  • VRTogether (Lexington, KY) reduces social isolation and loneliness in senior citizens through an evidence-based virtual reality platform. The technology provides an effective and scalable solution to connect loved ones for shared experiences regardless of distance, ability, or health.

The program will begin last week and concludes October 20 with a virtual demo day allowing the start-ups to pitch to potential investors.


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