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June 04, 2024 | Tom Ballard

Looking for a new movie that inspires your entrepreneurial genes?

Inc. just published a list of the seven new movies that you should watch this summer.

Want to be a better entrepreneur? If that’s your goal. Inc. just published a list of the seven new movies that you should watch. We list them in the order that they appeared on Inc.’s website site.

  • MoviePass Movie Crash, the story of the $10 per month offering on unlimited movies in the summer of 2017. It premiered last week on HBO and is now streaming on Max.
  • Hit Man whichtells the story of Gary Johnson, a nerdy college professor who escapes his boring life by pretending to be a professional assassin to help the police conduct sting operations. It starts streaming on Netflix later this week.
  • Inside Out 2which could provide new methods for unpacking thorny topics in the workplace. It will be in theaters June 14.
  • About The Bikeriders, writes that “running a business isn’t toodifferent from running a gang. In both, you have people looking to you for guidance and support, you need to choose your top lieutenants carefully, and you have to protect your founding vision for the organization.” It opens in theaters June 21.
  • Horizon: An American Saga – Part 1 is the $100 million film series backed by Kevin Costner that will be released June 28. No real explanation of why it is a “must watch,” but one can assume it is because of Costner’s willingness to self-fund it.
  • About the movie Jim Henson: Idea Man, Inc. writes that hewas many things: a brilliant puppeteer, a visionary writer-director, and an incredibly savvy entrepreneur. Henson built and grew a company unlike anything seen before or since.” The movie is streaming on Disney+.
  • Finally, there’s Flipside, which is described as a “very personal documentary (from) filmmaker Chris Wilcha (who) returns to the New Jersey record storewhere he worked as a teenager but finds the business hanging on a razor’s edge. While attempting to help revive the store, Wilcha begins looking into reviving multiple documentary projects that he had abandoned in the past and ends up remixing his decades of footage into something new.” It debuted last Friday in a limited number of theaters.

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