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April 17, 2018 | Tom Ballard

Kestner pitching Stealth Performance technology again this week in D.C.

Stealth Performance(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since the article below was finalized, Jordon Kestner has updated us on his progress that includes a second round of meetings later this week with members of the U.S. Congress and/or their key staffers in Washington, DC. Those members represent key committees that should be most interested in the new product from Stealth. “We’ve brought them our solution for better connectivity for first responders,” he says. “We’re pushing as hard as we can.”)

By Tom Ballard, Chief Alliance Officer, PYA

When we posted our initial article about Stealth Performance Communication Inc. nine months ago, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jordon Kestner told us communication among athletes was not the only use for his start-up’s technology.

Today, as he continues to grow the company, he says there are significant opportunities in the security and emergency response sectors.

“Think of us as an Amber Alert on an advanced paging system,” Kestner explains. “It’s instant messaging.”

The Army veteran, who is also helping launch a chapter of Bunker Labs in Knoxville, explained his emerging vision for the company by talking about the recent Las Vegas mass shooting incident where 58 people lost their lives.

It’s all about instant communication with and among all involved parties.

“There was a six-minute lapse between the time the Security Guard at the Mandalay Bay Hotel first noticed something amiss on the 32nd floor and the time that the first shots were fired at civilians,” Kestner said. If that Guard and other security personnel at the hotel had been equipped with Stealth’s technology, he would have been able to immediately alert other personnel to the situation even before shots were fired.

Think of it as the equivalent of verbal instant messaging.

“Incidents like this one quickly produce a cell saturation issue,” Kestner says. In some cases, jamming technology will be used against the “bad guys” to shut down their ability to communicate. Regardless, inability to make cellular calls negatively impacts communication between first responders.

“Our tool works on a mesh communications network,” Kestner explains. “Our devices communicate with each other rather than through a cell tower. We are all about speed.”

He also notes that the system could have expedited the evacuation of the stage if Jason Aldean and his security team had been equipped with the technology.

Those are clearly important uses of the technology, but Kestner also cites one that is more closely aligned with his formal training as a professional trainer.

“If they had been wearing our sleeve, we would have captured biometric data,” he says. “It would tell us how each individual’s body responds to chaos and allow us to create an individualized training protocol to make them better. The training will be based on United States and International Olympic Committees Strength and Conditioning protocol.”

With his military background, it’s only natural that Kestner has a soft spot for those involved in protecting individuals.

“We can give our police tools to help them do their jobs better,” he says. One senses it’s a passion embraced within his start-up.

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