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March 18, 2020 | Tom Ballard

Internet should be able to handle more working from home plus tips if you are

Wondering if the internet can handle all of the additional traffic that is being generated by more people working from home and use when both K-12 and college students return from Spring Break with online classes? If so, here’s an article with the headline that reads: “U.S. internet well-equipped to handle work from home surge.”

For those working from home, we heard some useful tips during Tuesday’s “Startup of the Year Virtual Pitch Competition” (see yesterday’s post). They were offered by Frank Gruber, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Established, the sponsor of the event.

“We’ve been working remotely from home for 10 years,” he told those viewing the competition. That’s the organization’s entire team.  “It’s super important to keep yourself happy and productive,” Gruber said, adding, “It’s also important to keep your team happy and connected.”

Noting that members of remote teams cannot always be on video, he said it is important to do so at least 80 percent of the time. That helps pick-up what Gruber termed “video cues” on the state of mind of individuals.

Other tips, either for each team member or the group as a whole, included:

  • Creating the equivalent of the water cooler, perhaps a Slack channel to share the tidbits that are discussed around the water cooler or coffee bar.
  • Ensuring that team wins are celebrated.
  • Having a routine.
  • Taking regular breaks from sitting and working.
  • Committing to exercise and workouts.