Guest columnist offers email marketing tips

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We periodically post articles from guest authors submitted to us. The following article was written by Aimee Laurence, a Content Marketer and Editor at Academic Writing Service and Essay Writing Services who writes articles on marketing, social media, and business, and hopes to help companies enhance their online presence and marketing capacities. She also writes for Essayroo on similar topics. This article is titled “10 Fantastic Suggestions to Personalize Your Email Marketing.”)

Email marketing is an easy and efficient way to promote your business’s brand, products, and services without incurring high costs. It’s also a great way to build a relationship with your clients and potential consumers by being trustworthy and engaging. This type of marketing has been very popular in recent years for showing frequent return on investment (ROIs). It’s especially popular with start-up companies, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs because they are such low-cost ways to promote yourself and your company. With this being said, it’s important to run your email marketing campaign in an effective way to get the most out of it, so to help you with this we’ve compiled 10 excellent suggestions to personalize your email marketing.

Keep your emails informative. The truth is the majority of customers don’t want to receive sales-based emails as they are overwhelmed and uninterested by these approaches. Instead of using email marketing to show your products or services like many other companies are doing less successfully, use it to share messages that are educational or informative and will entertain people, creating engagement and a sense of community between the company and its customers.

Make it local. People are automatically more interested in emails with information that is relevant to their geographical area, because it’s about them and more applicable. Therefore, it’s best to target offers and promotions that your audience can get within their region to keep your message personalized.

Have a mobile friendly design. Rita Hayworth, an email marketer at OXEssays and Australianhelp, says it’s imperative that “your email marketing campaign is responsive on all types of devices, like computers, smart phones and tablets. Most people access their emails on the go on their mobile phones so your email needs to look great and load quickly wherever it’s accessed.”

Consider adding videos. Research has shown that adding videos in your marketing emails will lead to higher interest from your recipients and increased engagement. They are entertained and informed by the content of the email, so consider having videos embedded in your emails.

Use imagery. Another great way to personalize your emails is to add imagery and graphics that will grab their attention. Instead of long blocks of text, visual aid can help explain something to your audience quickly and in an entertaining way.

Don’t forget about GIFs. Similarly, to images and videos, GIFs are also important to incorporate in your email marketing. They lend a more casual and engaging tone to the message and help build that connection with your reader.

Be original and offer value. Make sure that the content your write is your own, both original and accurate, and it should be adding value to your readers. Don’t offer things you can’t deliver as this will seriously affect your business’ image.

Use available technologies. Ronald Trenton, a tech writer at Custom Paper Writing Service and Boomessays, shares that “email marketing technology is much more advanced than it used to be and don’t hesitate to use that to your advantage. To get better delivery rates, you can request that your email service provider check the email list to make sure they’re all valid, and cleanup any invalid entries.”

Use social media in your email marketing. You should be integrating your social media into your email marketing campaign. Make sure that your emails include links to your social media channels where you can expand your network and showcase more about your company.

Add a CTA. Your emails need to have clear calls to action (CTAs). This can be anything from reading a blog, making a booking, entering a contest, or sharing with friends. Your email should be motivating to your readers and point them to one clear and obvious action that you want them to do. Don’t clutter your message with too many CTAs or worse yet, have none at all.

Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, email marketing is a very useful tool for companies to reach their audience. Not only are you showcasing what your brand is about, but you’re building trust and a relationship between your business and a loyal consumer base to eventually increase sales and revenue.

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