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November 26, 2013 | Tom Ballard

GUEST COLUMN: The Necessity of Innovation for Today’s Entrepreneur

Innovation(EDITOR’S NOTE: welcomes guest columns with the understanding that they have to be appropriate for this service and approved before posting. The following column was written by Tess C. Taylor, a certified Web Content Manager, Human Resources Professional, and Career Coach with nearly two-decades of writing experience.)

Innovation is the heartbeat of the entrepreneurial spirit. The innate ability to see the bigger picture to build or create something better is what drives most entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs tend to look for solutions to problems and then design ways to work around them for a better result. Therefore, without constant innovation, today’s entrepreneur would have little to live for.

Luckily, there are a number of resources that entrepreneurs can use to innovate and create a better world. From simple apps to entire collaborative platforms for building and distributing innovative products, there are a number of ways that entrepreneurs can make big strides. Let’s take a closer look at what’s trending in the exciting world of innovation.

Improving Shared Global Communications

Entrepreneurs have long desired to make a positive impact in their communities and industries. This is not limited by geography now. A recent World Economic Forum meeting, sponsored by Scientific American, highlighted that “basic research underpins the innovations that nations seek to live sustainably in a finite world.” The only real obstacle to this innovation is the ability to translate ideas and communicate with others in a meaningful way due to language barriers. Bringing innovations to the global market requires mutual effort from global entrepreneurs who can get around language challenges.

Enhanced Invention and Design Resources

Just in the last decade, the ways in which open invention and design has evolved has been quite remarkable. Instead of hiding behind garage doors, entrepreneurs are getting out there among peers in their industries and seeking feedback and support. Open Data and Open API platforms create entire communities where entrepreneurs can tap into the collective wisdom of others throughout the invention and design process. Design platforms enable innovators to brainstorm and visualize their ideas, then request reviews from trusted peers. Inventions that allow for the improvement of existing products and systems give entrepreneurs more power to create, along with shared responsibility of intellectual property rights.

Collaborative Innovation on the Rise

The World Wide Web opened up a higher degree of collaboration, but it has been happening at warp speed in just the last few years. The notion of a core business structure is fading away as entrepreneurs are accepting collaboration with others who are not inside the industry. Entire collaborative communities have transformed the way that entrepreneurs build their businesses and create more from a new objectivity. Sharing ideas and making improvement is all a part of a new collaborative innovation that the coming generation of thinkers is bringing to reality.

New Business Models with Hybrid Startups

In the past, typically entrepreneurs would launch their business models alone and then hope to attract the attention of investors. However, today there are entirely new business structures that start out as hybrids of many start-up and investment partners. Innovative businesses who want to rise to the top faster combine their talents and resources in partnership programs from the beginning, rather than years down the line. Likewise, there is a growing community of investors who support the formation of incubation programs to foster more innovation and development.

About the author: Tess C. Taylor, PHR is a certified Web Content Manager, Human Resources Professional, and Career Coach with nearly two-decades of writing experience. Tess also founded the popular blogazine, The HR Writer. She often covers innovative trends for Cloverleaf. Tess is dedicated to educating others about important human resources and marketing topics worldwide. You can connect with Tess on Google+ .