2016 Entrepreneur's Outlook(EDITOR’S NOTE: For nearly four years, we have been profiling young, aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those who are into their second, third or even seventh undertaking. So, we decided to ask a few of those entrepreneurs to share their thoughts with us as we begin a brand new year. This is the first article in the series. Ironically, the first prognosticator is offering her thoughts on the same day she is pitching to a class of 50 MBA students at the Columbia University Business School in New York City. )

MomSource Network is a passion and a calling for the start-up’s Founder that became a business trying to make money a little over two years ago. The “force behind the Source” is Courtney Jones, an individual providing a way for employers to connect with individuals who are looking for flexibility in their work life. We first profiled the start-up, then named MomForce Network, in early 2015.

  • How would you describe the local entrepreneurial ecosystem as we enter 2016? Effervescent. It’s an exciting time to be building a start-up in Tennessee. Our communities are embracing new ideas, fresh faces and innovative businesses. This is the only place in the world where I would have wanted to build the MomSource Network.
  • How has the ecosystem changed in the last few years? We’re only a couple of years old, but it feels like there are more resources, tools and advocates for founders each day. If I have a question, need a connection or want to solicit advice, then I can always find an expert who is willing to take the time to offer their support.
  • If you could wave a magic wand and get your wish as to one or two changes that would make it easier for local entrepreneurs to succeed, what would those be? As start-ups continue to grow and evolve their offering, they need willing organizations who want to serve as early adopters. My wand would inspire traditional businesses that have not historically embraced the brand new products, services and technologies that are being built in Tennessee to challenge themselves to embrace the start-up community not solely as supporters but also as customers!
  • Most individuals make a special wish as they ring in a New Year. What wishes do you have for your company in 2016? My wish for MomSource Network is that we stay true to our core values regardless of our size, we embrace our challenges, and we never are scared to make a difference!

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