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November 28, 2023 | Tom Ballard

DigiTrax.AI has second announcement in seven days

It helps publishers, composers, producers, and beatmakers transform existing music into licensable templates for new AI-driven music creation.

Just a week after announcing the launch of the first artificial intelligence (AI) music production software plugin tool KR38R PRO, pronounced ”Creator, ” DigiTrax.AI is out with another announcement.

The Knoxville-based company extends an exclusive licensing opportunity to music publishers, composers, producers, and beatmakers to transform existing music into licensable templates for new AI-driven music creation with its patented innovative AI platform KR38R LAB.

“The composer/artist signs a licensing agreement with us,” Joe Vangieri, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, said in an email. “From this License, we create an ‘Artist Authorized’ AI Training Template, (and) this template is sold as downloadable content (DLC) in the form of StudioPacks, SoundPacks, MixPacks, etc., from the KR38R Marketplace.”

To help us understand everything that is involved, Vangieri used a razor and blade analogy.

“The KR38R PRO plugin is the razor, the DLCs are the blades,” he explains. “Our plan is to get artist-licensed DLC for our marketplace. This is a new licensing opportunity for the music publisher, composer, or beatmaker – who all have existing songs that can now be sold as AI-licensed training models in the form of StudioPack, SoundPack, and MixPack DLC. A new revenue source that takes existing music and creates an AI training model for use in new compositions that doesn’t infringe on the original work.”

The KR38R PRO downloadable packs are based on DigiTrax.AI’s patented analysis and composition engine. It can identify the composer’s music theory data which produces a unique fingerprint of abstract music theory data which each composer has. That unique fingerprint is used to make the DLC.

“For our DLC packs, we license their music for a publishing fee of 50 percent,” Vangieri says. “They also get 50 percent publishing fee for the new songs (work) created from the use of the DLC, (so) AI is the gift that keeps on giving if done properly.”

For those who want additional details, click here to read the DigiTrax.AI news release.


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