David Cummings ponders the ways to get more potential founders off the sidelines

In a recent column, David Cummings, Founder of the Atlanta Tech Village and also Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atlanta Ventures, ponders the question of how best to activate potential founders to get them off the sidelines and engaged. In doing so, he asks six rhetorical questions that are ones any ecosystem should contemplate:

  • What’s holding potential founders back from starting a company?
  • What’s needed from an education, skills, funding, and community perspective?
  • How do we elevate entrepreneurship in the city to make it more top-of-mind?
  • How do we get more people thinking about entrepreneurship in high school or college?
  • How do we get more people with existing careers working on side hustles that could lead to a start-up?
  • How do we get existing companies to embrace local start-ups?

The column, minus answers, can be found here.

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