“My husband Shawn and I are both lucky enough to be self-employed doing work that we’re passionationatea about. He’s a photographer who captures life in a way that makes the world look like an interesting and beautiful place. I am a baker and manager of our community event space, The Central Collective. Being able to do what I love and run a space for people to gather is the best job in the world… until there’s a global pandemic.

“We too are in quarantine. Our physical life pivots have included canceled appointments, postponed events and slowing things down according to the needs of our community and clients. In a hurry, we created the Good Sport Box (and sold out twice), we moved our First Friday celebration to Instagram and created a basket of ping pong balls to give us fun ideas for ways to pass the time when we get antsy. What! We’re muddling along like everyone else, alternately feeling sorry for ourselves and working to find the silver lining. As we’ve accepted the reality that we’re going to be stuck in limbo for a while, it’s time for a conversation. How are we – all of us? What have we learned? What can we do better together?”

You can continue reading the blog post here and also link to a video of the recent program she did as part of “Maker Meet-in” series organized by the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center.