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Gatherly billed as viable option to Zoom

Feel Zoomed-out, so to speak? If so, a start-up with ties to Georgia Institute of Technology might have the solution you are seeking. Gatherly is rethinking the very structure of virtual conferences and just might be the answer to those fighting Zoom fatigue during endless video calls. Moving away from

AgStart is a new shared-use innovation incubator for the agriculture sector

Here’s a good initiative for new agriculture ventures, albeit in the Sacramento region of California. AgStart, a nonprofit based in Woodland, CA, has announced a public-private collaboration to fund a shared-use innovation incubator supporting innovators and startup companies in agriculture, food and health. When complete, the $1.3 million Lab@AgStart will feature a

Panasonic commits $150 million to Conductive Ventures II

Panasonic Corporation recently announced the launch of Conductive Ventures II with a commitment of $150 million. That amount is a 50 percent increase from the first fund. Headquartered in California, the new fund will invest in expansion stage enterprise software and hardware technology companies in the areas including artificial intelligence,