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Mary Cayten Brakefield represented UTK at yesterday’s “SEC Student Pitch Competition”

Speaking of pitch competitions, Mary Cayten Brakefield, Chief Executive Officer of Brakefields, represented the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in yesterday’s annual “SEC Student Pitch Competition.” The event, held virtually for the first time, involves one student start-up from each of the Southeastern Conference schools. Brakefields is a company that produces

Richmond start-up helps creatives get paid promptly

Two Richmond, VA residents – one a Video Producer, the other an Audio Producer and Musician – used their own experiences as freelance creatives to build Rudder, a platform that makes work-for-payment transactions simple and seamless. Founded earlier this year, the start-up automates that process as much as possible, expediting payment for

Five start-ups selected for new “Small Batch – Big Ideas Entrepreneur Network”

Ten Entrepreneurs pitched their companies on Friday afternoon, and five were selected to join the new “Small Batch – Big Ideas Entrepreneur Network” organized by Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) in conjunction with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC). The automaker is in the process of moving its North American headquarters