Brad Feld addresses stigma of weakness in latest episode of “Give First” podcast

Techstars Co-Founder Brad Feld addresses an important and frequently misunderstood topic in the latest episode of the “Give First” podcast. It is stomping out the stigma that as a successful and driven entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer can’t show weakness.

Feld, who is now Managing Partner of Foundry Group, describes his experiences with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, and their impact on him personally as well as professionally. “You can be successful. You can have a successful life,” he says, adding, “Not all of these things are controllable. When you’re in a position of high stress, which all entrepreneurs are, that’s part of the experience. There’s lots of different ways that it comes out. Some of those ways are productive and some of those ways are very non-productive. Some are self-destructive. But all of them are worth contemplating and understanding, as you try to live your one life in the best way you can.”

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