AUTOXLR8R #2: Condition Based Analytics

autoXLR8R(EDITOR’S NOTE: Ten start-ups are participating in the third iteration of the autoXLR8R program run by Tech 2020. Ahead of the August 28 “Demo Day” in Oak Ridge, we are running brief profiles on the participants. This is one of those.)

  • What is the name of your company and is there any particular significance of the name? Everything in business has a lifecycle, whether it be products or services, and companies that thrive will manage their lifecycles well. Moreover, most everything in business now has some sort of data attached to it, and if companies do not know how to utilize that data, it’s not a valuable asset. What if there was a company that could not only help you manage your business’ lifecycles, but also manage and organize all of your data and use that data to help manage the rest of your business . . . all while using your business’ pre-existing conditions? Our company’s name is Condition Based Analytics (CBA), and this name was derived from our core offering: providing life cycle management, master data management, and analytical services from a condition-based approach.
  • Other than yourself, are others involved as Co-Founders, owners or officers? If so, who are they? CBA is a joint venture between two companies: Troika Solutions and PYA Analytics.  Bob Persely from Troika is CBA’s CEO, and Cy Smith from PYA Analytics is CBA’s CTO.  In addition, Jack Sisk will be Director of Program Development at CBA. Josh McMillan, a University of Tennessee student, is the full-time representative of CBA in the accelerator.
  • Describe the product or service you plan to offer? Related to the automotive industry, CBA is developing a data analytics tool to improve and document the quality of both processes and products in automotive manufacturing.
  • Why do you think the market is ready for this new product or offering? Automotive manufacturers are consistently wanting better quality from their suppliers. Not only are they wanting better quality, but now they are pressuring their suppliers to provide the necessary data to prove that their products are of better quality. With the increasing demand of data and documented quality, CBA feels as if this is the best time to offer a product that will improve and document the quality of processes and products.
  • What motivated you to apply to participate in this year’s autoXLR8R? Before the autoXLR8R program started, CBA was receiving consulting services from Jack Sisk who is also associated with the autoXLR8R program. Through Jack we heard of this program and, given its track record of success and great reputation, decided we could gain valuable knowledge and exposure by participating in it.
  • At this time, what are the two or three biggest challenges you face that you hope to overcome during the autoXLR8R accelerator? Our biggest challenges going into the program will be finding products and services that could possibly be competitors, as well as figuring out the financial aspects of our business.
  • Finally, tell us a little about yourself as a business executive, entrepreneur, researcher or whatever.My name is Josh McMillan, and I am a rising senior at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, majoring in Business Analytics and Marketing. I am currently an intern at PYA Analytics, located in Knoxville, and through this internship I have been asked to join the CBA team by representing them in the autoXLR8R program and as a staff member. Outside of work and school, you can find me following baseball and college football, being involved with my church’s youth and with Younglife, riding my jet ski on Norris Lake, or spending valuable time with my wonderful family and girlfriend.

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