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August 27, 2015 | Tom Ballard

AUTOXLR8R #6: Drive & Live

autoXLR8R(EDITOR’S NOTE: Ten start-ups are participating in the third iteration of the autoXLR8R program run by Tech 2020. Ahead of today’s “Demo Day” in Oak Ridge, we are running brief profiles on the participants. This is the last of those.)

  • What is the name of your company and is there any particular significance of the name? Drive & Live is the name of the company.
  • Other than yourself, are others involved as Co-Founders, owners or officers? If so, who are they? I am Emanuel Fierimonte, COO and Co-Founder. Marco Fierimonte is another Co-Founder. Gabriele Randelli is the CTO, and Alessandro Mariani the app developer.
  • When did you first conceive of the idea for your new start-up? I had the idea in April 2015. After that, I started working on it with my brother Marco. Now, we have involved Gabriele and Alessandro to move on in the right direction.
  • Describe the product or service you plan to offer? Drive & Live is a mobile application connected to an external infrared camera. Such a device will be able to prevent car accidents due to sleepiness and distraction. Every time the driver closes his eyes more than two seconds, the smartphone will ring and flash, waking up the driver. The device will work even in complete darkness thanks to the camera without infrared filter but with infrared led lights mounted around it. Moreover, the Drive&Live app will track the driver behavior giving a score. Such a score will be used to redeem coupons from the car insurance company.
  • Why do you think the market is ready for this new product or offering? Drive & Live is aiming at public transport. In this sector, each error can cost hundreds of lives. For instance on a public bus or train, Drive&Live could be used every day. Moreover the truck sector is very interesting as well. At the end, we would like to target the everyday driver thanks to the possibility to get a discount on car insurance.
  • What motivated you to apply to participate in this year’s autoXLR8R? AutoXLR8R is the right accelerator to get connection and traction in the automotive sector.
  • At this time, what are the two or three biggest challenges you face that you hope to overcome during the autoXLR8R accelerator? We are confident we can solve every technical problem by ourselves. We would like autoXLR8R to connect us with a car insurance company willing to sponsor our product for a launch face.
  • Finally, tell us a little about yourself as a business executive, entrepreneur, researcher or whatever. I am a process engineer working in an international company. I like my work especially because, thanks to it, I can travel a lot but in the future I would like to start my own business. Of course I am new in the sector, and I hope autoXLR8R can lead me on the right track.

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