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March 10, 2022 | Tom Ballard

Annual report from Rise of the Rest group identifies three trends for non-coastal ecosystems

In the just released annual report from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest® Seed Fund, the authors write, “We believe 2022 will be the year more people and organizations begin to permanently respond to a pandemic-altered world.” That section of the report, titled “2022 Outlook,” includes a listing of “the major trends we believe will unfold this year, which we think will serve as tailwinds for founders with vision to build wherever they choose.”

What are those trends?

  • Money, building off 2021 which was a record year for U.S. venture capital funding.
  • Movement that: (1) allows start-ups to “lean into their HQ cities’ identities while also building “remote-friendly” workforces; (2) addresses the needs of individuals, especially remote workers or those in new cities, to finf community at co-working spaces, coffee shops, social clubs, or other new products and concepts; and (3) accelerates multi-city living and digital nomadism.
  • Meaning that, as an outgrowth of the COVID-19 pandemic, has led many individuals to search for meaning in their lives and companies to increasingly rethink their purpose as well. “More people will be inspired to work for companies that care about our communities, country, and world. Start-ups will be the outsized beneficiaries of this shift,” the Rise of the Rest team believes.

The report, which can be viewed at this link, also highlights the 48 new investments that the seed fund made in start-ups in 32 different cities. One of those is fast-growing FreightWaves of Chattanooga, the world’s leading provider of freight market forecasting, data, news, and analysis. The company, founded by Craig Fuller, bested seven other start-ups to win a $100,000 investment from the seed fund during the May 2018 Chattanooga stop on the “Rise of the Rest” five city tour (see article here).

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