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DOE announces “energy apps” competition

The U.S. Department of Energy has launchjed an  “Apps for Energy” competition to challenge innovative software developers to build new apps that utilize data from major utility companies to help consumers and businesses use less energy and save money. The competition will begin April 5, offering $100,000 in cash prizes.

Global patent apps drop significantly in clean technology sector

Innovation in clean technology has slowed down dramatically in recent years, an analysis by the International Energy Agency and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development shows. Drawing on data from the Worldwide Patent Statistical Database, the two Paris-based think tanks found a sharp drop in patent applications for carbon-busting inventions since the

Alex Lavidge focused on “fostering energy” around entrepreneurship, STEM education and new company

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was written before a lunch discussion on Friday with Alex Lavidge about some fairly recent developments and future plans. We’ll reveal those over the next several weeks.) Alex Lavidge is a Knoxville native who had the opportunity to experience first-hand the excitement that occurs in the