4M Carbon Fiber engages Lincoln International to assist in capital raise, acquisition program

4M Carbon Fiber Corporation announced that it has engaged Lincoln International, a global investment banking advisory firm, to assist the Knoxville-based company in raising capital and in executing an acquisition program which could involve one or more possible transactions.

According to yesterday’s announcement, 4M Carbon Fiber intends to leverage the value of its disruptive technology that could be a game changer in the carbon fiber industry. The first step is to secure funding for the acquisition of a synergistic downstream carbon fiber user which will accelerate 4M Carbon Fiber’s valuation as it progresses toward a public listing.

“The engagement of Lincoln International is a vital step in 4M’s plans to grow and leverage the value of its carbon fiber technology,” said Paresh Chari, Co-Chairman of 4M Carbon Fiber. “During my tenure with Dura-Line and Mexichem, Lincoln assisted me in executing a number of significant deals. With Lincoln’s advisory help, 4M will raise capital and execute its acquisition and integration plan.”

Lincoln’s team will be led by Managing Director Jeffrey Corum.

4M Carbon Fiber was created in 2015 by a group of scientists and engineers seeking to exploit the potential of industrial carbon fiber. They saw an opportunity to modernize the fiber oxidation process, a time- and energy-hungry process that had remained stagnant since the 1960s. The result is a radical new process that improves upon the traditional method in every aspect with a fiber of unmatched quality, now challenging the outdated price-to-performance paradigm.

We last spotlighted the company in this August post on soon after Rob Klawonn joined 4MJ Carbon Fiber as its Chief Executive Officer.

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