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Welcome to teknovation.biz, a web-based service that was launched to spotlight and celebrate “all things” related to technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in East Tennessee. The web site is “powered” or sponsored by PYA, P.C., as a service to those interested in advancing the region’s economy through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Teknovation.biz is a vehicle to allow East Tennesseans to share their successes, learn about the successes of others and focus on strategies that will make a long-term difference. It is intended to help create more awareness of our region’s assets and help drive technology, innovation and entrepreneurial job growth. Teknovation.biz is also a place where links to developments in other areas of Tennessee and beyond will be posted.

We need your help to make teknovation.biz as successful as possible. We encourage you to let us know about local developments and events that should be spotlighted. Send us your news releases. Tell us about developments at your company. Let us know about successful developments at other companies. Send them to tballard@pyapc.com.

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